You are viewing the website for the aac-rerc, which was funded by NIDRR from 2008-2013.
For information on the new RERC on AAC, funded by NIDILRR from 2014-2019, please visit

Training Projects

AAC Tech Connect

Debby McBride (AAC Tech-Connect) and David McNaughton (Penn State University) will develop the AAC Device Assistant and the Lite Tech Low Cost AAC Chart.

Student Design Project

Kevin Caves (Duke University) and Tom Jakobs (InvoTek, inc.) will develop on-line training modules and support activities for engineering students and university faculty.

State of the Science Conference

In 2012, the AAC-RERC hosted a State of the Science Conference to identify future research and development priorities in AAC.


David McNaughton (Penn State University) will develop three types of information products: (1) Introductory (short YouTube clips), (2) Developing Skills (30 minute webcasts), (3) Focused Competencies (hour long webcasts) on AAC-RERC related topics.

Writers Brigade

Sarah Blackstone (ACI), Johana Schwartz (ACI), David McNaughton (Penn State University) and Pam Kennedy (Writers Brigade) will develop and distribute information on how to implement a Writers Brigade, and recruit and provide support for new Writers Brigade members.