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AAC Tech Connect

AAC TechConnect, Inc. provides innovative clinical tools which simplify your augmentative communication (AAC) evaluations. At, you can find the ACES logo Device Assistant; a one-of-a kind search tool which helps you sort through 100+ devices through feature-matching and then provides side-by-side comparisons.

You can try the ACES logo Device Assistant for free by clicking here! If you are a university program, then you can get access for your class by contacting AAC TechConnect directly for information on this option.

There are other free resources on this unique website including:

1)“What’s new” in AAC devices;

2) pictures and flyers of 100+ devices; and

3) manufacturers' contact information.

Additional resources currently available on the website include the ACES logo Evaluation Toolkits which assist with AAC evaluations, along with the nationally scheduled workshops - “Augmentative Communication Evaluations Simplified: Tools and Resources”

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During the past 12 months, over 29,000 people have visited AAC TechConnect
(Updated May, 2010)