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ISAAC 2012

Presentations involving AAC-RERC personnel at ISAAC 2012 ISAAC logo




July 30

1:00 pm
AAC-RERC Partners
AAC-RERC State of the Science: Findings & solicitation of additional input (website, handout)
2:15 pm
Rowland, C., Fried-Oken, M., Clarke, M., Murphy,J., Boa, S., & Raghavendra, P.
ICF implementation approaches for AAC worldwide (handout)
2:15 pm
Thistle, J., McNaughton, D, & Mires, C.
Teaching Active Listening to pre-service speech language pathologists (handout)
3:30 pm
Light, J. Drager, K., & Wilkinson, K.
Designing effective visual scene displays for AAC systems for young children with complex communication needs (handout)
3:30 pm
Blackstone, S., B Manzur, M.
International collaboration through Webex: Supporting children with CCN and their families in Mexico City

July 31

8:00 am
Light, J. & McNaughton, D.
Evidence-based literacy intervention for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders who require AAC (handout, webcast, website)
9:15 am
Blackstone, S., Wilkinson, K., Thistle, J., Felman. J.,, Rangel, G., Epstein, D.
Development of emotional competencies in children with complex communication needs: Implications for Practice and Research
10:30 am
Bryen, D.N. & Chung, Y.
Supported Leadership: Why it is Important for PWUAAC and ISAAC Leadership (handout)
11:30 am
Bryen, D. & Lever, S.
"I need more vocabulary": Making sure that your AAC device has needed adult vocabulary
11:30 am
Fulcher., K.,Higginbotham, J.,  Lesher, G.,  Moulton, B.
Utilizing the Internet to Prime Word Prediction
Dictionaries for Topic Specific Message Construction   
2:00 pm
Seale, J., Higginbotham, J., Stathopoulos, E.,Mann Dolce, S.
Exploring Conversational Displacement Experienced by Augmentative and Alternative Communicators
2:00 pm
Kennedy, P. & McNaughton, D.
The AAC-RERC Writers Brigade (handout)
3:30 pm
Bryen D. & Bornman, S.
The need for social validation of vocabulary selection: Ensuring cultural relevance (handout)

August 1

8:00 am
Higginbotham, J.
"App" Developers' Forum
9:00 am
Thiessen, A. Beukelman, D., Hux, K.
Visual fixation patterns for adults with aphasia (handout)
9:15 am
McBride, D.
Effective AAC Evaluation: Tools and Resources
10:30 am
McBride, D.
AAC Decision-Making: AAC Devices or Apps with Mobile Technology(or both)
2:15 pm
Waller, A., Roark, B., Fried-Oken, M., McCoy, K., & McGregor, A.
Natural Language Processing and AAC: Current advances at the interface between technology and communication. (handout)
2:15 pm
Costigan, A. & Light, J.
An investigation of the use of mouse input by young children
4:45 pm
Roark, B., Fried-Oken, M., & Sproat, R.
Communication partner co-construction in speech generating devices

August 2

8:00 am
Fried-Oken, M., Rowland, C., Mooney, A., Noethe, G., Daniels, D., & Gibbons, C.
A comparison of communication board use for conversations in Primary Progressive Aphasia and Alzheimer's disease (handout)
9:00 am
Min, H.,  Lesher, G.,Fen Yik, T., Higginbotham, J.
Exploring the contribution of conversational context
in word prediction
9:15 am
Light, J. & Drager, K.
Effects of early AAC intervention on the communication skills of children with Down syndrome (handout)
10:30 am
McNaughton, D., Light., J., & Kennedy, P.
Evidence-based practices for supporting successful transitions for adolescents with complex communication needs (website, handout)
1:00 pm
Light, J.,  Jakobs, T.,  Drager, K.,   Chew, K.,  Guthrie, S.,  Mellman, L.,  & Riley, K.
Effects of AAC systems with "just in time" programming for children with complex communication needs (handout)
1:00 pm
Fried-Oken, M., Oken, B., Erdogmus, D., Roark, B., Hild, K., Orhan, U., Mooney, A., & Miller, M.
A brain computer interface using the RSVP keyboard for users who are locked-in (handout)
1:00 pm
Bryen D.
ACOLUG and research: Some ethical issues (handout)
2:15 pm
Fager, S., LeDoux, J., & Beukelman, D.
Evaluation preferred AAC strategies for patients in long-term care settings. (handout)
2:15 pm
Fager, S., Beukelman, D., & Jakobs, T.
Simplifying AAC for patients with critical medical conditions: Safe –Laser keyboard and speech buttons (handout)