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Software Application (M-STARR) for a Mobile Multi-Media Device

Howard Shane

(Children's Hospital Boston)


This project seeks to develop AAC software applications for mobile hand-hand media devices (e.g., Blackberry; iPhone; Android) intended for persons on the autism spectrum. The application will offer timely alerts and reminders, assist with communication, the organization of daily events, and provide media based rewards.


popular media devices


• To more efficiently organize and deliver visual supports (including photographs, graphic symbols, and electronic media) widely used by persons on the autism spectrum

• To first alert and then provide visual or auditory reminders that can improve understanding of daily activities

• To offer AAC communication strategies on mobile device


• Conduct pilot study of effectiveness of mobile device to deliver alerts and reminders

• Conduct pilot study of effectiveness of mobile device to deliver scene cues

• Create framework for comprehensive AAC application

• Recruit subjects on autism spectrum

• Study efficacy of application

Knowledge Transfer

Shane, H.C. (February, 2009). Using technology to educate persons with Autism Spectrum Disorders: Do professionals get a passing grade? Presentation at Behavior Analysis Association of Michigan.