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Student Design Project: Head Pointer for iPhone


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The iPhone is not easily accessible to people who use a head stick to control computers. The following project creates an easy to manufacture solution to this problem. The client was an active member of the development team and developed the video for the project. Given the long-distance between the technical team and the client, the design process was completed via email and mailing prototypes.


To develop a special tip for a head pointer so that the client could access an iphone reliably.


1) The tip should provide access to the iphone.

2) The tip should be practical for normal typing as well, since the client uses the tip for many functions.

3) The tip should have an “edge” that can be used as a tool for moving items around with the head stick.


1) Client explained his needs via email.

2) The design team performed experiments and internet research to learn about the technical requirements for controlling the iphone touch screen.

3) A preliminary prototype was developed and sent to client.

4) The client provided excellent feedback on what worked well and what didn’t.

5) Several design iterations were undertaken to create a prototype that was optimal for client.

6) Report on results.


The client is using his head stick to control the iPhone and lots of other things. Check out the attached video. It is incredible!


Headpointer for iPhone (pdf)