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Medicare Funding of AAC Technology - Revised Fee Schedule


(Effective July, 2011)

  Speech Generating Device (SGD)
Code E2500 (formerly K0541) E2502 (formerly K0615) E2504 (formerly K0616) E2506 (formerly K0617) E2508 (formerly K0543) E2510 (formerly K0544) E2511 (formerly K0545)
Speech Output Digitized Digitized Digitized Digitized Synth-esized Synth-esized Synth-esized
Message Type Prerecorded Messages Prerecorded messages Prerecorded messages Prerecorded messages Message Formulation Message Formulation Message Formulation
Recording Type Less than or equal to 8 minutes Greater than 8 minutes but less than or equal to 20 minutes Greater than 20 minutes but less than or equal to 40 minutes Greater than 40 minutes N/A N/A N/A
Access Method Multiple access methods Multiple access methods Multiple access methods Multiple access methods Direct Physical contact with SGD Multiple access methods Program for personal computer or PDA
Message Formulation Technique N/A N/A N/A N/A Spelling Spelling and other methods Spelling and other methods
Fee Schedule Amount $ 410.20 $1,254.33 $1,654.33 $2,426.18 $3,751.68 $7,099.55  


  Mounting System Accessory
Code E2512 (formerly K0546)(individually priced) E2599 (formerly K0547)(individually priced)

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