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Visual Scene Resources - Microsoft Publisher software was used to develop resources to supports the efficient production of visual scene materials in a variety of sizes and configuration. The program supports downloading, sizing, and positioning digital images. In addition, it supports text entry in relations to the pictures. Visual scene templates and a manual are available at this web site.

AAC RERC Partner Organizations - links to AAC RERC partners

AAC User's Information - links to information relevant to users of AAC devices

AT Organizations - links to AT associations and organizations

Government and Regulatory Information - links to information disseminated by the government and regulatory bodies

Research Programs - links to programs doing research in the field of AT

Web Accessibility - links to information and tools relevant to web accessibility

Download ALS Clinical Pathways - links to downloadable information related to ALS

AACTechConnect - provides innovative clinical tools, to assist in your augmentative communication (AAC) evaluations.

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