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Technical requirements for webcasts


Technical requirements for webcasts:

RERC webcasts are presented in several different formats. Please click on the appropriate link below for assistance and technical requirements for the different formats. We recommend viewing the webcasts as Breeze documents. This is the recommended viewing option for both Macs and PCs.

Breeze Presentation Support
  • The Breeze presentation contains both audio and video information. Breeze content plays in any standard web browser with Macromedia Flash 6 or later installed.
  • After the presentation loads, you should see a screen that contains two sections: a PowerPoint slide section and a Video, Outline, and Notes section. You will need to have the Video, Outline, and Notes screen open to see the videos associated with this webcast.
  • If you do not see the Video, Outline, and Notes section, click on the small button in the bottom right corner.
  • This will “open” the Video, Outline, and Notes section.
  • You can use the Outline tab to select specific slides, and the Notes tab to see a transcription of the webcast.
  • The presentation will play automatically until the end. You can use the pause and play buttons underneath the PowerPoint slide to control the presentation.

Windows Media Player 9 Support
  • The webcasts are best viewed on PCs running at least Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 and Window Media Player 9 or higher. If you have problems connecting to or viewing the video, please go to the Broadband Video support site FAQ
  • Mozilla Firefox Users can install the IE Tab extension. IE Tab embeds an Internet Explorer window in a Mozilla/Firefox tab. This allows you to view the webcasts as if they are in IE. Install the extension and view this page in IE Tab.


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