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Newsletter Articles


Kennedy, P. (Summer, 2008). AAC and All That Jazz: Not just another conference. SPEAKUP, 6-7. (Full text, online).

Kennedy, P. (2008). AAC-Search Engine: Research without the lab. ADVANCE for Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists, 18, 14. (Full text, online)


Kennedy, P. (2008). AAC and All That Jazz: A conference and a continuing effort. The ConnSENSE Bulletin. (Full text, online)

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Golinker, L. (2009). Speech generating device funding for children. Exceptional Parent. (Full text, pdf).


Bourgeois, M. , Fried-Oken, M. & Rowland, C. (2010, March 16). AAC Strategies and Tools for Persons With Dementia. The ASHA Leader. (full text)

Klein, C. (December, 2010). A Voice and Helping Hand to Those with Disabilities. ConnSENSE (full text).

Klein, C. (December, 2010). YouTube Project Allows People with Speech Disabilities to Tell Their Own Stories. ConnSENSE (full text).

Pink, K.J. (2010). Emergency Preparedness Webcast for People with Complex Communication Needs. ConnSENSE Bulletin (full text)

Pink, K.J. (2010). A Life Defined by Sharing and Advocacy. ConnSENSE bulletin (full text)

Kennedy, P. & McNaughton, D. (July, 2010). The Writers Brigade. ConnSENSE Bulletin. (full text).

Lightholder, L. (July, 2010). Writers Brigade: A key to plans and dreams. ConnSENSE Bulletin. (full text).

Lightholder, L. (July, 2010). Patient Provider Communication. ConnSENSE Bulletin. (full text).


AAC-RERC (2011). White paper on mobile devices and communication apps. (full text).

Kennedy, P. (January, 2011). No One to Speak for Them: Emergency preparedness resources for those with speech disabilities. Therapy Times (full text).


Larned, D. (June, 2012). Discovering Empowerment Through Writing. ConnSense Bulletin (Full text).

Nazareth, G. (June, 2012). RESNA Student Design Competition Offers Opportunities to Change Assistive Technology Industry and Lives of People with Disabilities. ConnSense Bulletin (Full text).

Nazaret, G. (September, 2012). A Passion for Life. Connsese (Full text).

Larned, D. (September, 2012). AAC TechConnect Creates Tools That Simplify Augmentative and Alternative Communication Evaluations. Consense (Full text)

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