You are viewing the website for the aac-rerc, which was funded by NIDRR from 2008-2013.
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Development Projects

Technology/Policy Watch and Emerging Issues

DeRuyter (Duke University) will lead efforts to 1) identify cutting edge developments in technologies within AAC/AT, 2) recognize mainstream scientific and technology developments that can impact technologies, policies, guidelines and standards related to AAC, and 3) proactively address emerging AAC issue areas.

Face2Face Technologies

Higginbotham (University of New York at Buffalo) will lead investigations to a new generation of AAC technologies specifically for conducting face-to-face social interactions by utilizing (1) emerging hardware and software technologies (e.g., digital paper, gesture recognition, multimedia) with (2) recent social interaction research findings in AAC.

Virtual Environment for Enhancing Communication and Learning

Shane (Children's Hospital, Boston) will develop a web-based virtual environment to support language and communication that can be customized for individual children and communities.

Software Application (M-STARR) for a Mobile Multi-Media Device

Shane (Children's Hospital, Boston) will lead investigations to develop an AAC software application for a mobile device that provides timely communication strategies, alerts and reminders to persons with ASD.

Internet-based Natural Language Processor (I-NLP) and Persona research

Higginbotham (University of New York at Buffalo) will lead research to enhance functionality of inter- & intranet (I/Net) based natural language processor technology to provide just-in-time message content for AAC applications.