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What is an RERC?

Rehabilitation Engineering Research Centers (RERCs) carry out research or demonstration activities by:

Developing and disseminating innovative methods of applying advanced technology, scientific achievement, and psychological and social knowledge to (1) solve rehabilitation problems and remove environmental barriers, and (2) study new or emerging technologies, products, or environments;
Demonstrating and disseminating (1) innovative models for the delivery of cost-effective rehabilitation technology services to rural and urban areas, and (2) other scientific research to assist in meeting the employment and independent living needs of individuals with severe disabilities; or
Facilitating service delivery systems change through (1) the development, evaluation, and dissemination of consumer-responsive and individual and family-centered innovative models for the delivery to both rural and urban areas of innovative cost-effective rehabilitation technology services, and (2) other scientific research to assist in meeting the employment and independent needs of individuals with severe disabilities.
Each RERC must provide training opportunities to individuals, including individuals with disabilities, to become researchers of rehabilitation technology and practitioners of rehabilitation technology in conjunction with institutions of higher education and nonprofit organizations.

The RERCs work at the individual level focusing on technology to lessen the effects of sensory loss, mobility impairment, chronic pain, and communications difficulties. They also work at the systems level in such areas as eliminating barriers to fully accessible transportation, communications, and housing. Partnering with industry, product developers, private sector entrepreneurs and even hobbyists, the RERCs embody the potential to make sweeping changes affecting public policy and the nature of the built and virtual environments.

For more information about RERCs, visit the National Rehabilitation Information Center (NARIC)

For a list of currently funded RERCs, visit NCDDR's RERC Profile page