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Automatic page turner (Padmasri Dr.B.V Raju Institute of Technology)

  V.Shravya &  G.Swetha ABSTRACT: The primary goal of this project is to design a device to promote independence in reading for individuals with disabilities and the elderly at their own pace. Individuals with decreased hand functioning, as the result of diagnoses such as arthritis, cerebral palsy, and stroke often have difficulties with fine motor […]

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Figure 2. This image shows the platform made of oak plywood

Quicker Picker Upper (Duke University)

Jon Usher, Ankit Jain, Chris Radford (RESNA1256SDC) ABSTRACT Our client, Tina, is an adult female with facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy (FSHD).  FSHD is a hereditary, degenerative muscle disease characterized by muscle weakness of the face, shoulders, upper arms, and lower legs.  Commonly, people with FSHD have difficulty with balance and about 30% have one or more […]

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Cost Breakdown of Final Prototype

Assistive Device for Manually Handicapped Workers (John Brown University)

Jesse Griffith &  Ryan Thomas ABSTRACT We worked with the Elizabeth Richardson Center, Inc. in Springdale, Arkansas, who assists physically and developmentally handicapped individuals in a variety of ways. The vocational development segment of ERC employs handicapped individuals in various tasks. The major task accomplished by the handicapped employees at ERC is the separation and […]

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Design Team

Analysis, Testing, and Design of a Low-Cost Prosthetic Foot (University of Arkansas)

Nicholas Galuska, Andrew Buchta, Brandon Long, Shane Weindel ABSTRACT             Natural disasters are occurring everyday across the globe, these claim the lives and livelihood of many individuals and families, especially in poorer regions of the world where if there is access to necessary medical care it is difficult to afford. Because of this there are […]

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