This table displays the design aims to be met by the prototype, the criterion for the device to meet the aims, and the results from verifying the actual prototype.

Flex2Play: An Ankle Strength Training Device with Virtual Reality Interface for Children with Cerebral Palsy (Washington University in St. Louis)

ABSTRACT Increasing ankle strength can improve gait and motor control in children with cerebral palsy, thereby improving quality of life (1).  However, current therapies are clinic-based and it can be difficult to motivate children to comply with prescribed strengthening exercises.  The Flex2Play is an in-home ankle strength training device designed to meet this need.  The […]

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Low Cost Stability (Missouri University of Science and Technology)

Andrew Morlock,  David Mast,  Paul Johnson,  and  Jacob Welch Abstract The objective of this project is to demonstrate the need and present a solution to stabilize a wheelchair in the lateral direction. Stability is achieved by designing a cambered axle which replaces the original straight axle of the wheelchair. Current products available to wheelchair users, […]

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AlphaBraille (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) – TREAT Award Winner

Seong-Hee Yoon, Lina Carballo, Quetrell Heyward Winner of the 2012 “Technology Most Likely to Become Commercially Available” Award from TREAT ABSTRACT Studies have shown that learning Braille expands the educational and employment opportunities of individuals with visual impairments (1). Our client Stephanie would like to learn Braille, but she does not have a toy that […]

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Table of Customer Needs and Wants

AMTAC: Adjustable Mechanism for the Transfer to Adaptive Cycles (University of Rochester)

Jayne Gavrity, Cassandra Gorman, Simon Kim, Caitlin O’Connell ABSTRACT Adaptive cycling is a great activity for those who have to use wheelchairs because it offers them a social and physical outlet which can help improve their quality of life. In order to participate in cycling individuals must be transferred from their wheelchair to the hand […]

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Fully assembled gamma prototype

MonoMano Cycling Control System (University of Rochester)

Travis Block, David Narrow, Dominic Marino, Sara Hutchinson, and Martin Szeto ABSTRACT Our team has created a novel device to allow for adapted control of a recumbent tricycle by users with unilateral upper body weakness. A γ-prototype has been constructed and has been tested for safety and efficacy.  This report outlines the motivation for our […]

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