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• Augmentative and Alternative Communication: assessment and intervention strategies, language representation techniques, outcomes, clinical and technical AAC research and
developments, funding issues, service delivery options.
• Computer Access and Use: innovation in software and hardware, training strategies,
Integration of computer technologies, alternative access, outcomes.
• Other technology that addresses computer-use and/or various types of communication impairments.

Submission 69-RehabForAll Photo

REHAB for all, a rehabilitation system for facial paralysis and neuromuscular abnormality in hand

(Instituto Tecnológico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey)

In order to increase access to rehabilitation of people with peripheral facial paralysis (PFP) and muscular hand affections, we developed a system of neuromuscular evaluation REHAB for all, that provides measurement and visual and sensory feedback in, as well as storage of the data obtained from the electromyography signal.

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