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Figure 6

Device to Detect Foot Strike Pattern and Provide Instantaneous Feedback (The Ohio State University)

Michelle Cullen, Matthew Keller, Eli Brantingham, John Bartholomew, Sarah Levine, Michael Guthrie Abstract Although running is associated with positive health benefits, many runners experience running-induced injuries.  Research demonstrates that a rear-foot strike pattern is a common factor amongst these injuries and may increase one’s likelihood of sustaining another in the future. Current technology to assess foot strike pattern and running […]

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Screenshot of ION's main menu.

ION, the vision-cognition exercise mobile application (Clemson University)

Jessica Lau, Scott Cole, Elizabeth Harruff, James McManus ABSTRACT Millions of Americans suffer from low vision, which inhibits their abilities to complete everyday activities. In vision therapy, patients complete exercises to improve vision-cognition skills. Patient progress in the clinic must be supplemented by at-home vision exercises, but compliance with conventional assigned homework is low because […]

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