VIBE Band- Haptic Feedback System for Transradial Myoelectric Prostheses (Johns Hopkins University)

Ankitha Rajagopalan Nair, Sapna Kumar 

VIBE Band- Haptic Feedback System for Transradial Myoelectric Prostheses

The objective of this project is to build a wearable vibration feedback device for persons with upper limb amputation to provide haptic feedback for improving their sensory perception. The absence of sensory feedback in persons with upper limb amputation with conventional prostheses is an existing issue. The users of myoelectric prosthetic limbs depend mainly on visual feedback for controlling or adjusting grip forces, while handling objects. This demands a high level of cognition. Furthermore, the existing vibrotactile feedback systems cause desensitization of the skin on continued usage. There is a need for a practical solution to counteract the problem of desensitization, without compromising on the advantages of vibrotactile feedback. The proposed system consists of a portable, stand-alone wireless band that is used in conjunction with a glove embedded with textile force sensors. The glove is also a standalone system, which communicates wirelessly with the band via Bluetooth. The system provides feedback of information pertaining to contact with an object and slippage through the use of different vibration patterns. This system is a potential substitute for the existing techniques as it is easily customizable to the user needs and applications, while addressing the issue of desensitization.

Design Brief


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