ANKH-le: a prosthetic ankle that more closely mimics natural motion (Wichita State University)

Rachel Jones, Bethany Irvin, Colin Williams, Sara Wise 

ANKH-le: a prosthetic ankle that closely mimics natural motionImagine not being able to walk in your own yard or up a flight of stairs without losing your balance. That is just what thousands of lower limb amputees have to deal with on a daily basis. Current designs of prosthetic ankles either treat the ankle as a hinge joint, or ignore the ankle joint altogether and add mobility to the prosthetic limb through the flexibility of the foot design and material. At ANKH, we have designed a joint that has a simple, streamlined design, made from lightweight materials. The goal of ANKH is to provide a new ankle prosthetic that will enable users with a more natural range of motion and provide them superior stability on uneven terrain.

Design Brief


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