WristSense: A motor-activated multi-functional wrist orthotic to assist individuals with spinal cord injuries with ADL

(Purdue University- West Lafayette)

WristSense worn by a user with the various components visibleShruthi Suresh, Daniel F.Madrinan Chiquito, Sudhanshu Manda, Lucas Jacob, Bradley S. Duerstock

Many individuals with mid-cervical spinal cord injuries (SCI) rely on wrist supports or orthotics in order to keep their wrists stabilized to grant them more functional ability. However commercially-available wrist supports principally provide support to perform limited activities of daily living (ADL) with cuff attachments. We developed and tested a motor-activated wrist orthotic system, the WristSense, which uses a two-tier gesture recognition approach to assist individuals with SCIs to perform a larger range of ADL. The WristSense was used as a PowerPoint presenter remote control to allow individuals with SCI to present without much hassle. WristSense can be adapted by adding a variety of actuated tools to expand the ability of wearers to perform various ADL.

WristSense Design Brief

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