Mobilift: An electrically driven patient lift attendant

(Utah State University)

Wheelchair LiftKyle Christian, Matthew Schumann, Kye McCleary

Mr. X has been incapable of doing something very simple for many years now: getting out of bed and walking to his lounge chair. Every morning Mrs. X and her daughter lift Mr. X out of bed and set him on his bath chair so they can wheel him into the living room and onto his lounge chair. The same process is repeated throughout the day just to help him use the commode. Mr. X, who is now 84 years old, has been effected by Muscular Dystrophy since he was 15. It has slowly degenerated his body to the point that the only mobility he has is in his hands, wrists, and neck. Our solution for Mr. and Mrs. X is Mobilift. Mobilift is a patient lift that has been modified with the drive system of a powered wheelchair and a custom harness. Not only does this allow Mrs. X to pick up and transport her husband with ease, but it also allows Mr. X to transport himself. Mr. X can be transported in a sitting or standing position. We see this product as a viable solution to many people who suffer from mobility issues, as well as a rehabilitation device to help an individual learn to walk again. No other product allows a patient to be lifted in a standing or sitting position, providing versatility and independence for varying patients.

MobiliftDesign Brief

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