Music to Movement: Music therapy device for stroke rehabilitation

(University of British Columbia)

music deviceMay Liang, Clinton Large, Harley Johnson, Jose Martinez Castro, Joshua Jessop

The Music to Movement team aims to develop an assistive music therapy device that can create a fun and engaging experience towards patient recovery for those induced with partial paralysis. We are designing for a multi-component device featuring a central hub and peripherals which target specific motor movements to develop function and range in the upper extremities, as well as rebuilding sensory integration and cognitive functioning through music therapy. Our device provides audio and visual feedback to users, as they continually set and reach higher goals for themselves through M2M’s option of variable resistance and difficulty of the peripheral component exercises over time. The immediate feedback becomes motivational tools which correlates with quantified results which can be monitored and recorded through M2M’s program by a music therapist or specialist over the course of a user’s rehabilitation process. Recent research into the merits of music therapy has not yet become integrated into the devices that are presently available on the market. By introducing a medical device into the music therapy market, we wish to create a mutually beneficial bridge between the two industries to further work in technology of effective and motivating paralysis rehabilitation around the globe.

Music to Movement Design Brief

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