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IOGraphica — MousePaths new home

Oh you Jackson Pollock you! IOGraphica is a graphical mouse tracker for all computer platforms. Not only can you do snazzy artwork, but you can use this tracker to evaluate how a system is being used by analyzing the relative dark and lighness of areas on the screen. Don’t know how well it works with […]


Annotation Transcriber

Annotation Transcriber is a simple, straightforward video transcribing tool for the Apple Mac. We use it as our basic transcription tool in the lab. Provides for timecode insertion, styled text and the ability to drop video stills into your document. Also it provides a graphic waveform (bottom of screen) that can be used to obtain […]



Transana is a video transcription software program for professional researchers who want to analyze digital video or audio data. The program provides an interface for analyzing multiple synced videos and provides a variety of tools for transcription, interaction and conversation analyisis. (link)

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