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My Homeboy: Zach Anner!

Ok, I don’t really know the guy personally, but Zach Anner, Oprah’s pick to host a travel show on her new station does live in my part of town. His mother just penned an opinion piece “(Changing Perceptions of People with Disabilities)” in the Buffalo News today. It’s a great piece dealing with the media’s […]

The failure of universities (and university researchers) in producing good designers

Don Norman, one of the originators of cognitive science and modern technology design, castigates the university culture for producing designers with little practical experiences and limiting dissemination to research-based journals. I agree. there is a significant schism between the academic and practical disciplines, in terms of priorities, as well as the techniques used top investigate […]

Apples In Stereo man controls his Moog… with his mind! (and you can too) — Engadget

Three brain control interfaces (BCI) in one day? Coincidence you say? Or perhaps something GrEaTeR (sorry no scary fonts) is at work here!  Anyway….. our first offering is the “go-cart” of the crowd: A BCI adapted from a Mattel Mindflex game controller to play his Moog Synthesizer.  Leave it to Robert Schneider – founder of […]

Book review: How To Wreck A Nice Beach: The Vocoder from World War II to Hip-Hop — Engadget

This book details the early history of speech synthesis, particularly the Vocoder, which still finds use today as a music synthesis tool. What’s most interesting to me is the youtube video below of a 1940’s vocoder demonstration (see below).  Think about the relative advances that have or haven’t occurred over the last 60 years. Certainly […]

Swype Reinvents Typing on Touch-Screen Phones –

Kudos to our friend Cliff Kushler for his new keyboard invention.  Cliff, one-time engineer at Prentke Romich and developer of the T9 cellphone typing system has developed a gesture recognition system for speeding up typing on small handheld devices.  His collaborator is Randy Marsden, President and CEO of Madentec.  We look forward to some great […]

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