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The big boys have entered the sandbox!

Tobii just checked into the apps world with their Sono Flex (link).  Its the first foray for the “large” AAC firms – if you don’t count Silverkite or the new MJ apps.  Sono Flex utilizes some iPad-specific features, but closely resembles the Tobii line of dedicated products.  The app market presents some interesting and significant […]

Fat Cat Pirate Chat – Buccaneer AAC

Ben Slotznick and his mateys at Point-and-Read (link) has come out with a swashbuckling new product: “Arr! So yer mateys be talkin’ at ye all pirate like, an’ ye want t’ join th’ parley. Or perchance … ye just mean to fire off a rapid string o’ piratical broadsides. Well, me bucko, ye come to […]

Tobii announces PCEye

Tobii announced a stand-alone eye-tracking device that can be used with most personal computers. Based on their existing eye-tracking technology, PCEyes will be commercially available for about $7000 (link).

Rullingnet’s Vinci tablet is a rugged Galaxy Tab for babies, we go hands-on video — Engadget

(thanks Frank) Look’s like we are finally getting down to business! Who wants a tablet for work or gaming anyway.  We want tablets FOR OUR BABIES so that they can be brought into the BORG as infants! (link).  Despite the addictive  social engineering potential of this device (think cigarettes everyone), it does look like a […]

Apps for Android

(from the website): Apps4Android, Inc. is an Android software development company dedicated to developing free-to-the-user and very low-cost, high-quality, Android applications that enhance the quality-of-life, independence, employability and educational success of individuals with disabilities… Apps4Android is responsible for then first AAC application for Android phones (iAugCom) as well as a number of free-to-inexpensive AT applications. […]

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