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Norman demonstrates his “Design of Everyday Things”

Don Norman’s “Design of Everyday Things” (link) is a “must read” for any user, clinician, researcher or developer interested in AAC devices and how they are used. Recently Norman’s original demonstration videos have popped-up on Youtube (link below). Don’t know the difference between an affordance and a task-action cycle! Now you will! (link)

The failure of universities (and university researchers) in producing good designers

Don Norman, one of the originators of cognitive science and modern technology design, castigates the university culture for producing designers with little practical experiences and limiting dissemination to research-based journals. I agree. there is a significant schism between the academic and practical disciplines, in terms of priorities, as well as the techniques used top investigate […]


IOGraphica — MousePaths new home

Oh you Jackson Pollock you! IOGraphica is a graphical mouse tracker for all computer platforms. Not only can you do snazzy artwork, but you can use this tracker to evaluate how a system is being used by analyzing the relative dark and lighness of areas on the screen. Don’t know how well it works with […]

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