Fat Cat Pirate Chat – Buccaneer AAC

Ben Slotznick and his mateys at Point-and-Read (link) has come out with a swashbuckling new product: “Arr! So yer mateys be talkin’ at ye all pirate like, an’ ye want t’ join th’ parley. Or perchance … ye just mean to fire off a rapid string o’ piratical broadsides. Well, me bucko, ye come to the right place. (link)
Fat Cat Pirate Chat uses a real voice to provide up to 160 phrases to start up a parley and quick, snappy come-backs to keep that buccaneering conversation going — be it face-to-face or electronical.”

Ben notes that Pirates have been major users of assistive technology (eye patches, hooks, peglegs). Proceeds from purchasing the expanded pirate vocabulary will be used to fund their R&D for new assistive tech apps. Fat Cat Pirate Chat can be found at the tune store (link). Pirate Chat is also on Facebook (link)

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