The Electronic Appliance – SydSpeak

Back from my conferences ready to report!  Although I saw alot of great new stuff from our stable of mainstream manufactures, one technology from a startup caught my eye:

SydSpeak Communication Device

The TalkToMe100 from  SydSpeak is a $59 digitized speech communication board by Sydney and Adam Birr.  It consists of 100 words spoken in a child’s voice. The vocabulary consists of 100 frequently used words (very few nouns), chosen to promote utterance generation. On their website they state that the technology is used to enhance partner assisted voice output strategies. The device doesn’t have an on/off switch. That is…. it just talks when you push the button.

Whether SydSpeak is successful or not is one thing, but I think that its presence in the marketplace is another example of the changing face of the industry. SydSpeak may mark the beginning of a the new low-cost appliance-based device.

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