Two recent rulings may change the course of accessability

Two separate federal rulings this last month should make media and computer programs more accessable and available to all of us.  The first ruling comes from the US Copyright Office said today that,

essentially, ownership is ownership. You can take your device or purchased content and do with it what you may, as long as its a non-profit use.


This ruling has significant implications for our ability access media in a variety forms including audio and ebooks.

The second ruling comes from the Library of Congress, which recently handed down a ruling finding that it is legal to jailbreak iPhones and iPads.  This means that we will be able to purchase and load a greater variety of software products for the iPhone and iPad, which opens the door to products that provide greater accessability.

Open access is not without its problems however.  Security and interoperability may take a hit according to Apple (link).  And then there are the hate groups that are taking advantage of the open Android marketplace (link) …….

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