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Richard Hurtig (University of Iowa) - Patient Provider Communication

Richard Hurtig (University of Iowa) and Sarah Blackstone discuss strategies for improving patient provider communication. Richard describes a recent study (Zubow & Hurtig) examining the use of adapted nurse call buttons and the need for AAC in a hospital setting.

Richard Hurtig

Richard Hurtig, Ph.D. is Professor & Starch Faculty Fellow in the Department of Communication Sciences & Disorders at the University of Iowa. He directs the University of Iowa Assistive Devices Laboratory that has developed a range of low to high tech AAC solutions for implementation the inpatient population. He has co-authored a text on implementing AAC in hospitals (Augmentative and Alternative Communication in Acute and Critical Care Settings., 2009, Plural Publishing). His current projects include deployment of eye tracking AAC systems in the intensive care setting and the use of AAC systems to allow patient-provider communication when the patient is not a speaker of English.

Richard hurtig 

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