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Mobile Devices and Communication Apps: Current Trends and Future Directions


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Howard Shane, Jessica Gosnell, David McNaughton, and Sam Sennott discuss the use of mobile communication technologies (e.g., the iPad) by children with complex communication needs. The discussion includes:

  • Benefits of Mobile Communication Technology 
  • the Assessment Process 
  • Learning about New Apps
  • Intervention 
  • Building Vocabulary and Language Skills 
  • What's Next? 
  • Additional Resources 

 Additional Resources

Mobile Devices and Communication Apps: An AAC-RERC White Paper (full text)

Boston Children's Hospital Feature Matching Chart (link to website)

Shane, H., Laubscher, E., Sorce, J., Abramson, J., Flynn, S., Schlosser, R., Fadie, H. (2011, November). Effects of a Visual Immersion Experience on Communication in Autism. Presentation at the 2011 American Speech, Hearing, and Language Association Conference, San Diego CA. (Handout)


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