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AAC for Persons with Primary Progressive Aphasia

 Melanie Fried-Oken

Melanie Fried-Oken, Ph.D.,
Oregon Health and Science University 

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Webcast Description

Melanie Fried-Oken describes her research on AAC intervention for people with primary progressive aphasia.

Key findings include that people with primary progressive aphasia
• are more successful in communication when they use AAC
• can use AAC both with family members as well as clinical researchers
• can make use not only of low tech communication boards, but also natural AAC supports (photo albums, newspapers, maps) available in their daily environments.

This webcast include both data and video from the research study, as well as videos by individuals with primary progressive aphasia (and their family members) discussing their experiences with primary progressive aphasia, and the positive impact of AAC. The webcast provides evidence, from a controlled experiment, that AAC is an important and valid intervention for people with progressive aphasia in clinical and natural settings.

Additional Resources

Bourgeois, M. , Fried-Oken, M. & Rowland, C. (2010, March 16). AAC Strategies and Tools for Persons With Dementia. The ASHA Leader. (full text

Beukelman, D.R., Garrett, K. L., & Yorkston, K. (2007). Augmentative Communication Strategies for Adults with Acute or Chronic Medical Conditions. Brookes Publishing, Baltimore, MD.(Ordering Information)

Supporting Conversation

• Guidelines for communicating with persons with language difficulties (full text)

• Helpful hints for conversation (full text)

Making Communication Boards

• 1 topic template (Microsoft Publisher document)

• 4 topic template (Microsoft Publisher document)

Visual Scene Templates (from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln)

 Slides and Handouts

• transcript (pdf)

• transcript (txt file)

• powerpoint slides (pdf)


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